Shannon D. Roddy – Producer

S. D. Roddy developed an interest in film at an early age using his family’s video camera to begin making home movies. At the age of 15, his passion for film was solidified after watching Tony Scott’s nuclear submarine thriller, “Crimson Tide.” As a senior in high school, Roddy wrote, directed, produced and edited his first feature-length action film, “Midnight Running.”

Roddy went on to study English Communications at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, with an emphasis on media, where he wrote his first two feature-length screenplays and produced several short films. After graduating, Roddy headed to L.A. where he landed his first film gig as a Production Assistant on Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal.”

Roddy’s passion and exposure grew as he continued to work on notable films including, “Walk the Line,” “Bewitched,” “Herbie: Fully Loaded,” “Letters from Iwo Jima” and “Evan Almighty.” His experience extended to include Television, where he worked on FX’s ground-breaking cop drama, “The Shield,” as an assistant to Glenn Close and later to Executive Producer Scott Brazil.

In 2005, Roddy diversified by working for LiveNation’s on-site recording company “Instant Live,” initially as an Office Manager and eventually as a Crew Chief, overseeing all aspects of on-site recording, sales and transportation for several tours. In 2006, Roddy began working for Double Feature Films to hone his skills in development, while covering the desk of the CEO/CFO as well as Principals Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher.

Roddy spent the next two years writing, optioning and developing his own material in his anticipation of producing on his own. During this time he also studied LEAN, growing his passion for efficiency principles, which he applies to film, in order to produce the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost.

In 2010, Roddy and his wife Liz traveled to Arusha, Tanzania to spend 15 months in an effort to “give back” before returning to the States and beginning Kingdom Productions. Roddy believes that at the heart of all of life lies character, and he enjoys spending time reading books on business and leadership development.

His favorite past-times include ultimate Frisbee, indoor sky diving, reading spy novels, watching movies with his wife and playing with their German Shepherd/Siberian Husky, Sequoia.